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5 E-Commerce Remarketing Strategies

I like to think of e-commerce as any business approach that generates leads or sales using online channels.  Brick and mortar stores can participate in e-commerce. As long as you generate sales through the internet, that’s e-commerce. 

An example is an automotive shop that uses Google AdWords to drive calls to schedule appointments. Though they are not shipping products purchased online, they are driving sales and growing their business using the internet. Now I call that e-commerce.  One powerful way of accomplishing this is through remarketing.  

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a strategy to target those who have already visited your website. It’s commonly referred to both as retargeting and as remarketing; the two terms are interchangeable.

Have you noticed that you looked at a product online and then saw ads for that product everywhere? There’s a variety of different tactics you can use remarketing for depending on your goals. The following are five strategies to consider.

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5 Remarketing Strategies

1.) Product/Category Specific But Did Not Convert

To make your remarketing ads more effective you have to increase relevancy. Increasing relevancy involves segmenting your remarketing list to product -or category- specific pages that consumers viewed.

You have to make sure you segment the users who have already converted (whether a direct sale, lead or sign-up) to achieve relevancy.

Remarketing will keep you and your abandoned cart at the top of the consumer’s mind. When they browse the web they’ll see the product they’ve viewed on the Google Display network,  the largest display network on the internet, serving up to 180 billion impressions every month.

2.) Facebook Remarketing App Install Ads

Remarketing to users on Facebook is a good strategy because you can further segment your remarketing list by overlaying that with demographic targeting. In industrialized nations, Facebook has a large share of the population, meaning that almost everybody is on the social network.

If your business has a consumer-facing app, you can remarket to users who have visited your website with Facebook App Install Ads. These users are already familiar with your brand, and the app install ads make it frictionless for them to convert.

70% of Facebook’s user base visits the social network on their smartphones, making it the perfect platform for advertising your company’s app. It’s important that you segment your remarketing list to whatever platform your app is available on.  It does no good to advertise an Android app using a remarketing list on Facebook and not segment Apple users off the list. Getting these details right in the segmentation of your remarketing list will have a critical impact on your campaign.

3.) Facebook Remarketing Offer Ads

This is a good solution for cart abandonment on Facebook. Segment users who have products in their shopping cart and entice them to convert by using offer ads.

Facebook’s offer ads unlock a discount code that users can get to receive a discount on their purchase. A benefit of using this type of Facebook ad is that they get shared often. People like to share deals with their friends, so beyond tipping old users to converting, it’ll help with new customer acquisition.

The discount code gets emailed to the Facebook users, allowing them to print it off and bring it to brick and mortar stores as well.

4.) Google Shopping Remarketing

This is a feature that hasn’t launched to all AdWords users yet, but the ability to serve specific products to users who are already familiar with your website will be launched soon.

It works like a normal Google Shopping campaign, but you can adjust your bids for users that are on your remarketing list. Those users typically are worth more as they’re already familiar with your brand and are more likely to convert. If users visit your website they then get put on your remarketing list.

One strategy is to segment the list to those who have already bought a product from your company. Then you increase your bid for those users above your normal Google Shopping bid. Users who have bought from your online store are more likely to buy again, provided that their experience was good. This strategy allows your company to show up the moment a customer is looking for a new product that your company sells. Hitting consumers at the point when they’re ready to buy is a powerful strategy.

5.) AdRoll Twitter Remarketing

AdRoll is a company that specializes in retargeting on different platforms and across devices. While some of its services became redundant when Facebook allowed remarketing on its platform, it’s still a good option for platforms that don’t have native remarketing built into their ad platform.

Twitter remarketing is good if your business is optimized for mobile traffic or if you’re a brick and mortar store located in a large city, as most Twitter users live in urban areas. The added benefit to retargeting on Twitter is that the retweet button spreads your company’s message organically.

You may think, who’s going to retweet my company’s message? The answer is, a lot of people—if your creative is on-point. While retweeting an ad isn’t the most likely action a user will take, if your ad is appealing or funny, there’s a good chance of increasing your reach through organic retweets.

Why is remarketing a good strategy?

Remarketing is a good strategy because it’s a tactic for every part of the sales funnel. Whether you’re trying to cut down on your cart abandonment or doing a top-of-funnel communications strategy, remarketing is a tactic that can be used at any stage.

The power of remarketing is being able to segment the list of users who’ve visited your website. Being able to segment between those who abandon their cart, bounce after visiting the homepage, and visit a category of products is a powerful tool for businesses.

It means being able to make creative for different parts of the sales funnel and serve that creative to the right audience.

If you haven’t used a remarketing campaign before, I would advise starting one. They have some of the best ROI I’ve seen from online advertising. Use the five strategies outlined above and see how remarketing can impact your advertising.

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