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#SharkSwim: April 2021 Recap

They say April Showers bring May Flowers, but this April had everything from 80 degree days to the largest snowflakes in recent memory. Regardless, let’s hope that some flower-like beauty makes its way into your May! 

Our April was not only characterized by unpredictable weather, but it was filled with a flurry of excitement as we welcomed new clients, new employees, and a new office layout to fit our returning staffers that had been working from home. We’ll recap it all in this month’s Shark Swim blog. Enjoy!

Birthdays & Anniversaries!

adshark employees celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in april 2021

We had four birthdays and one anniversary to celebrate in April! Nick Due, our Creative Manager, turned 26 years old on April 1st. As the resident jokester in the office, it was only fitting to have an April Fools dedicated to our April Fool. 

Sam Carver, a Digital Creative Designer, also celebrated her birthday on April 3rd! We forgot to announce her anniversary in February so I absolutely must not make the mistake of forgetting Sam again. Happy birthday to Sam!

Chris Jensen, a Digital Marketing Strategist, had a busy second weekend of April as he was celebrating both his 3rd anniversary as a Shark and his birthday! We’re lucky to have Chris on the team, and enjoyed having some time to celebrate him.

Finally, Sean Maki (Co-Founder/President) has his birthday on April 25th. Though his birthday was on a Sunday, we all took time the Friday before to eat cake together and tell our favorite Sean stories. It was a brief visit. Not a lot of stories (just kidding, Sean, don’t fire me!).

Two New Sharks Join The Tank

We’re excited to be in growth mode and are so happy to have two new employees in Justin Monroe (Digital Marketing Strategist) and Hanna Melting (Digital Marketing Intern) that joined our team in April. Justin and Hanna have both embraced their “onboarding phase” and are already making a tangible impact for our team! They’ve also been great culture boosters and sparked some new life in our PPC area.

We’re continuing to add more talent to our team, and will have another new announcement for an additional Digital Marketing Strategist that is starting soon! If you or someone you know has a love for performance-based marketing, send them to our Careers Page. (Psst… we even added a “create your own job” option!).

The ‘Mako’ Gets a Mako-ver

To fully appreciate this news blurb, I oughtta give you some added context. All of our rooms at AdShark are named after a shark. We have The Hammerhead, The Megalodon, and The Great White. We also had a storage closet called The Mako. With more of us back in the office, and conference spaces becoming more and more space, Nick set out to give our storage room a makeover and turn it into a great meeting spot for one-person, virtual visits. Okay, further context. Jack (the guy writing this blog) complained a lot about no privacy and Nick was sick of hearing Jack’s whining. The new space has a homey feel and is perfect for quick calls and virtual visits with clients. Nice work, Nick!

cool new office in fargo north dakota

We Adopted a Shark

shark adoption adshark fargo

As Earth Day was approaching, we chatted about how we as a team could help make a difference. We’ve always been fans of sharks (crazy, right?) and did some more research on issues plaguing the shark community. What we found is that the shark population is being depleted at an alarming rate (with an estimated 100 million sharks being killed by humans each year). To help thwart this, we found out about a shark adoption program and adopted “Jaw-shua.” Now, DadShark finally has a baby boy to look after.

The Part Where We Link to Other Blogs

It was a content-rich month of April. If you’re following us on social media, you’ve likely seen a lot of these posts already (and hopefully you’ve read them!). However, if you’re interested in some additional reading, this is the section for you. In April, we wrote blog content about our new employees, an award that we won, and some general digital marketing principles. Feel free to read them here:

You may also have noticed that our website is starting to look a little different! We’ve been making modifications to the home page, careers page, and more to represent our updated branding. Take a stroll (or should I say, scroll) through the AdShark Website and let us know what you think about the fresh, new look!

The ‘Shark Wave’ Channel for April 2021

Are we the only marketing agency that puts The Beatles, Greta Van Fleet, and Nickelback all in the same playlist? Probably. Every month we ask our team members to compile the songs they’ve been listening to at work into a playlist that we can share with our audience. April’s ‘Shark Wave’ Spotify playlist will not disappoint. If you have recommendations for songs that we should be listening to, drop me a line and I’ll happily add them into a future playlist!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We’re already about 35% of the way through the calendar year and the clock’s still ticking! Thanks to all of our clients, co-workers, and community friends for allowing us to operate at full capacity amidst this pandemic. We’re grateful for your support! And thanks to YOU, the reader, for deciding to learn a bit more about our team of Sharks. Tune back in next month for our May recap. In the meantime, keep in touch with all of the day-to-day happenings on Facebook. Talk soon!


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