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Welcome Karina – AdShark’s Email & Content Strategist

For years and years, we’ve discussed how we should add “email marketing” to our list of services. And then one day, we met the perfect person to help guide us in this…

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october 2023 shark swim

#SharkSwim: October 2023 Recap

The spookiest part of our October? How quickly it disappeared. We’ve been onboarding new clients, making new creative, and helping new employees get adjusted to the AdShark way. All the while, we…

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gif maker

Welcome Paige Johnson – Digital Marketing Strategist!

It’s been almost six months since our last time writing one of these blogs, so we are BEYOND thrilled to be writing this today. AdShark has hired our newest team member &…

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best halloween ads 2023

13 Terrifyingly Good Halloween Ad Campaigns (2023)

Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up. An entire day devoted to dressing up, getting candy, and watching scary movies? Always did the trick. And treat. As we age and start footing…

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tracking offline sales

How to Track Offline Sales Through Facebook Ads

One of the greatest advantages of digital advertising over traditional? Being able to track return on investment. With eCommerce brands, it’s easy as pie. With brick & mortar businesses, it’s more difficult……

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digital marketing agency vs in house marketer

Should You Hire an In-House Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Agency?

You’ve decided it’s time to digitize your marketing efforts: great! Now, while building out your budget, you’re stuck with the impossibly difficult task of deciding should I hire for this role internally?…

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recommerce august 2023

Re:Commerce – August Event Preview

This January, we hosted our first ever re:Commerce event – which was a free, virtual event for marketers and eCommerce enthusiasts. This event focused on ways that you can grow your customer…

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