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Google AdWords Vs. AdWords Express – What’s the Difference?

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform used to get your business’ advertising online and in front of your customers on Google.  It gives your business the ability…

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A graphic image of a typewriter and sheets of paper on the text caption, "Storytelling in Marketing - Why You NEED This Underestimated Marketing Ingredient."

Storytelling in Marketing – Why You NEED This Underestimated Marketing Ingredient

The power of storytelling is no fairy tale. It’s your underestimated marketing ingredient and is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to not only leverage reputation but gain…

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A graphic with a green and white rocket icon with the text caption, "Our New Website Has Launched."

Our New Website Has Launched! – 6 New Main Changes

New Website, Same AdShark Marketing. At AdShark Marketing, we are very excited to announce that our new website is launched! After months of preparation, we redesigned and rebranded a website that showcases the…

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A blue graphic with three shoe icons and the text caption, "Ad Group Negative Keywords: Increasing Your Efficiency with Google AdWords."

Ad Group Negative Keywords: Increasing Your Efficiency with Google Ads

When digital marketers build out campaigns, it’s easy for them to miss the small but important details. Most think because they’ve looked through the search terms and posted Campaign Level negatives, they’re…

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How Can My Business Measure Its Social Media Marketing ROI

How Can My Business Measure Its Social Media Marketing ROI?

Many companies often find it frustrating to measure their social media marketing ROI because of the ambiguity it brings, changes in algorithms, and the implementation of new tools. However, there are many…

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AdShark Welcomes Julia as Creative Intern

AdShark Marketing Welcomes Julia Kensok As Digital Creative Intern

AdShark Marketing is growing, and we are excited to have another shark join our team! We welcome Julia Kensok, our newest digital creative intern. She’s originally from Casselton, ND, and is receiving a…

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Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Ads Quality Score: How Can My Company Improve It? – Ask the Sharks

Quality score is an important factor you need to keep in mind when running your AdWords account. Here are two good ways to improve your quality score: 1.) Keyword Grouping You want…

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Google Fred Update Guide

Google’s Fred Update: What Your Business Needs To Know

When Google releases an update to their search algorithm it impacts search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that impacts everyone and keeps the SEO community, along with webmasters and web owners, on their…

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The Sharks' Favorite Inventions

The Sharks’ Favorite Shark Tank Inventions – Shark Week 2017

Are you a fan of the hit TV show, Shark Tank? All of us at AdShark Marketing are. In honor of Discover Channel’s annual Shark Week, we’re sharing our favorite Shark Tank…

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