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A green graphic with google adwords quality score image titled, "How to increase google quality score."

How To Increase Your Google Quality Score

In my previous blog titled “AdWords Bidding Strategies – What Your Competitors May Not Know,” we covered bidding strategy and the key role it plays in your Ad Rank in Google AdWords. The…

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A graphic with an brown gavel with the words "bid" behind them; the text caption reads, "AdWords Bidding Strategies: What Your Competitors May Not Know."

AdWords Bidding Strategies – What Your Competitors May Not Know

Where your ad ranks on Google is obviously a key factor in the performance of your marketing campaigns in Google AdWords. There are two primary measures Google looks at to determine this:…

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Ultimate Guide to Adwords Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad Extensions: A Brief Guide For Each Extension

Google ad extensions are AdWords features that allow you to add relevant information, links, and conversion points to your advertisements. Ad extensions can easily be dismissed as something extra that you tack…

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A graphic with the google plus logo in the background with the text ncaption 'Understanding AdWords Campaign Settings."

Understanding AdWords Campaign Settings

In Google AdWords, a campaign manager is presented with many options when fine-tuning the settings of the campaigns. In this post, we’ll look at the many options as well as the benefits…

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Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are often compared and have some of the most robust advertising features available in digital marketing.  In this post we’ll take a look at some of the…

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A graphic with the logos of Google AdWords and Yahoo Gemini with the text caption, "Google AdWords vs. Yahoo! Gemini."

Google AdWords vs. Yahoo Gemini

When Yahoo Gemini launched in early 2014, it set out to be the premier marketplace for both mobile search and native advertising. Though it is not near as robust as Google AdWords,…

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Green graphic with the text caption "Diving Into Dimensions in AdWords."

Diving into Dimensions in AdWords

Fundamental to any solid marketing strategy is understanding your customer base. In the world of analytics, this essentially boils down to the conclusions you can draw from the data. Having the right…

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An image box with the text, "e-comm', 'cro', 'ppc', 'seo', 'sem', and 'social' with the title 'inside perspective on working in digital marketing.'

Inside Perspective On Working In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of a variety of services, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display ads, content networks, mobile app promotion, and social media marketing. It’s a digital marketing company’s…

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