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Bing Ads Updates October 2016

Bing Ads Updates October 2016

Bing Ads has rolled out some new features this month, read a recap of each of the changes below!

Rolling out Bing expanded text ads

Bing Ads publicly rolled out their expanded text ads earlier this week on Tuesday.

Google recently launched Expanded text ads, allowing for more characters in their ad headlines and text copy. Considering the emphasis Bing’s placed on making it easier to import campaigns, targeting and ads directly from Adwords into their advertising platform, it’s no surprise they’ve rolled out expanded text ads themselves.

Expanded text ads are supported both in the web UI as well as Bing Ads Editor.


Shared budgets

Shared budgets is another new addition to Bing Ads which allows advertisers to set a shared budget between multiple campaigns. Instead of setting a daily budget for each campaign individually, you can assign a shared daily budget to multiple or all of your campaigns.  This is a feature that’s been available on Adwords for some time.

Although we usually recommend managing campaign budgets individually to maximize control over spend and performance, it may be a good option for similar campaigns, for advertisers without a lot of time to manage campaigns and other platforms, or for low spend accounts.


Updated campaign creation workflow

Bing Ads also updated their campaign creation workflow to improve and simplify the setup process.

Some updated options & functionality include:

1.) Selecting a campaign goal to customize the following campaign settings

2.) The ability to copy settings from an existing campaign

3.) Consolidated location targeting

4.) Select from previously used ad extensions, create a new one, and view recommended extensions based on goals

Bing Ads will also automatically group keywords into suggested ad groups and show keyword data estimates including volume, average CPC and competition level.

While we and many PPC managers setup campaigns and accounts in Bing Ads Editor or a bid management tool, many advertisers still setup campaigns directly through the web UI.


Not sure about Bing ads?

Be sure to check out our Google Adwords vs Bing Ads post if you haven’t given Bing search ads any consideration.


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