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SEM 101: An Overview of Search Engine Marketing

Online advertising has seen some incredible growth over the last few years, and for good reason. This marketing industry not only allows advertisers to target specific searches and interests but provides a…

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How to Create a Segmented AdWords Remarketing List

How to Create a Segmented AdWords Remarketing List

Would you like to target online advertising to people who have visited your website, and more importantly to those who showed greater interaction and conversion signals? Remarketing lists give us some significant marketing power…

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A graphic with the google plus and google analytics logos with the caption, "Linking Your Google AdWords and Analytics Data."

Linking Your Google AdWords & Analytics Data

If you’re a business owner running your own Google AdWords campaign, it may be easy to overlook syncing your AdWords data with your Google Analytics account. Take a few minutes to make…

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5 Reasons to take Content Marketing Seriously

5 Reasons Your Business Should Take Content Marketing Seriously

What kind of impact can content really have on your business? Potentially a huge one. “Content is king” has seemed to become a buzz phrase the last couple of years, and for…

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