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AdShark Marketing Welcomes Alecia Hupperts To The Team

AdShark Marketing Welcomes Alecia Hupperts To The Team

AdShark Marketing, the only Google Partner and Bing Accredited Professionals in North Dakota, has added another member. In our effort to better serve our current and future clients, we needed to further…

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A graphic with the google plus logo and the text captions says "Google AdWords: Getting Account Structure Right."

Google AdWords: Getting Account Structure Right

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms for inbound marketing. Google is the world’s largest search engine in terms of traffic. When someone is searching for products or services you offer,…

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A image with metrics in the background with a text caption that says 'Using Competitors For Digital Insights.'

Using Competitors For Digital Insights

Do you know what your competitors are doing online? Would you like to find out? By using a competitive research tool, SEMrush, we can see what our clients’ competitors are doing in online advertising….

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A graphic with two computer icons and the text caption, "Website Migration: Technical SEO Case Study."

Website Migration Technical SEO Case Study

I thought it would be useful to point out an example of the importance of technical SEO, especially when migrating to a new website or platform. It’s common to rush a new website…

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A blue graphic box with the title, "Dynamic Keyword Insertion- Your Fair Weather Friend."

Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Your Fair Weather Friend

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is the practice of generating ad copy based on a user’s search query. The user’s search query must be a match for one of the keywords you’re targeting…

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AdShark Marketing's 1-Year Anniversary

AdShark Marketing’s 1-Year Anniversary

It’s officially our one-year anniversary here at AdShark Marketing. It’s been a fun and exciting last 12 months. What Have We Accomplished in the Last 12 Months? That’s a good question, and…

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