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A text image of three balloons with the text caption "AdShark Marketing Celebrates National Entrepreneur Day."

AdShark Marketing Celebrates National Entrepreneurs Day

Happy National Entrepreneurs Day! In honor of this celebratory date, we’ve created an infographic of the history of AdShark Marketing. This past August our business turned four years old. We’ve made quite...

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Google AdWords Vs. AdWords Express – What’s the Difference?

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform used to get your business’ advertising online and in front of your customers on Google.  It gives your business the ability...

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A graphic with an brown gavel with the words "bid" behind them; the text caption reads, "AdWords Bidding Strategies: What Your Competitors May Not Know."

AdWords Bidding Strategies – What Your Competitors May Not Know

Where your ad ranks on Google is obviously a key factor in the performance of your marketing campaigns in Google AdWords. There are two primary measures Google looks at to determine this:...

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A graphic with the text caption, "How do you build long-lasting client relationships" with the title "Ask the Sharks."

3 Tips To Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships

In the service industry, your lifeblood is your clients. Ideally, you want your clients and potential clients to view you as a trusted partner or an extension of their business that helps...

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A graphic image of a typewriter and sheets of paper on the text caption, "Storytelling in Marketing - Why You NEED This Underestimated Marketing Ingredient."

Storytelling in Marketing – Why You NEED This Underestimated Marketing Ingredient

The power of storytelling is no fairy tale. It’s your underestimated marketing ingredient and is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to not only leverage reputation but gain...

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A graphic with a green and white rocket icon with the text caption, "Our New Website Has Launched."

Our New Website Has Launched! – 6 New Main Changes

New Website, Same AdShark Marketing. At AdShark Marketing, we are very excited to announce that our new website is launched! After months of preparation, we redesigned and rebranded a website that showcases the...

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Website Design Inspiration How Can I Get Inspiration For My Website

Website Design Inspiration – How Can I Get Inspiration For My Website?

A brilliant website is crucial for your business’ success and credibility. The Internet is full of thousands of websites that serve different purposes for different people/businesses. Implementing a website design or redesign...

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Ultimate Guide to Adwords Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad Extensions: A Brief Guide For Each Extension

Google ad extensions are AdWords features that allow you to add relevant information, links, and conversion points to your advertisements. Ad extensions can easily be dismissed as something extra that you tack...

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Time to design and develop a new website

How Long Does It Take To Design And Develop a New Business Website? – Ask the Sharks

 Every company is different, but our average estimated timeline is around 8-10 weeks for smaller sites and 12-14 weeks for bigger sites (like e-commerce). Some big factors that alter this are client...

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