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Shark Swim December 2022 featured image

#SharkSwim: December 2022 Recap

Were you hoping for some more shark puns? That’s so last year! That’s right – my use of shark puns in blogs is DONE… duuuun-un… duuuuun-un… duuuuun-un…. Okay, I can’t help myself,…

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marketing plan

How to Prepare Your 2023 Marketing Plan

In many circles, the week between Christmas and New Years is known as “dead week.” For strategic marketers, however, this can be one of the most lively weeks of the year. 40…

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best 25 holiday ads

25 Holiday Ads That Brought Joy to Our World

After a week of blizzarding outside of our office, it’s finally starting to feel like the holidays. In honor of the season, we wanted to devote this week’s blog to some of…

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Shark Swim November 2022 Header

#SharkSwim: November 2022 Recap

My fingers finally thawed enough for me to write this… Welcome back to another #SharkSwim recap! Let’s hear about this month’s birthdays, new employees, company events, and more! Birthdays! We only had…

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free resources for digital marketers

11 Free Resources for Digital Marketers

Until I worked in a role involving digital marketing, I knew little-to-nothing about digital marketing. With the ever changing nature of PPC, social media advertising, SEO, and web design, it can feel…

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how to increase web conversions

5 Quick Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to hear it, did it really fall? I’m not sure – but I am sure that if prospective customers get to…

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bri lee animated

Welcome Bri Lee – AdShark’s Senior Creative Designer!

There’s a new Shark in the water – and this one swam all the way from Ireland! We’re so excited to have Bri’s return to Fargo (after 5+ years of living abroad)…

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Shark Swim October 2022 header image

#SharkSwim: October 2022 Recap

Sweaters, leaves falling, pumpkin carving, digital marketing… Gosh, I love Fall things! Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap! We think you autumn know all about our work anniversaries, company events, and…

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