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building a Facebook Fanbase

Build A Quality Facebook Fanbase

How do you measure the quality of a Facebook fan? When it comes to Facebook fans, quality beats quantity every time.

Most businesses’ strategy for Facebook fans is “more fans + ??? = $$$.”

Monetize Facebook Fans

Grow quality Facebook fans and monetize them.

Not all Facebook followers are created equal from a business standpoint.

Most businesses have a mix of current/former employees, those interested in the industry, competitors, potential customers, and finally, customers.

It’s important to grow the latter two groups as large as possible.

What does your perfect customer look like? If you don’t know who your ideal customers are, how do you expect to find them?

Some questions to ask for a B2C company

Where do they live?

What age group are they?

What are their interests?

What is their income level?

Male? Female? Both?

Some questions for a B2B company

What companies do they work for? (You can target by individual companies.)

What is their job title?

Where are they located?

What are their purchasing behaviors?

Some questions for a nonprofit

Have they given to a similar charity before?

What age are they?

What’s their home value?

What’s their income level?

All of these questions are targeting options on Facebook. By answering these questions and applying them as targeting in a Facebook Likes campaign, you can create a Facebook following full of your ideal customers.

But What About Organic Reach Decline?

Many people seem to be worried about organic reach decline. Organic reach decline means that Facebook allows fewer and fewer of your followers to see your content.

Facebook will allow roughly 6% of your followers to see your content, and if nobody engages with it, they deem that content bad and don’t serve the post to the rest of your users.

However, if your users engage with the content you post, there’s no need to worry about it. On our Facebook page we regularly get over 75% of our followers seeing our posts. It’s because we post content they like.

Bad content shouldn’t spread and Facebook isn’t allowing it.

The advantage is that you’re able to engage with your target market on a daily basis for free. Find out what content gets engagement and create a strategy around that.

Some Tips For Post-Campaign Engagement

Once you have created a quality following of customers and potential customers on Facebook, what do you do with it?

1. Post quality content that adds value to your users.

Give your Facebook followers a reason to stay engaged with your brand. Give value in your posts. A business is on Facebook to engage with customers, so make sure you post engaging content.

2. Sponsor content with an email capture form at the bottom.

By sponsoring content to your Facebook fans, you’ll get higher engagement that leads to more emails than if you targeted another similar audience. These users already know your brand and trust it enough to post content on their newsfeeds. It’s far easier to get people who know and trust your brand to opt in to an email newsletter than the average consumer.

Make sure to clearly state the value you’ll add with your newsletter. The customer is trusting your brand enough to give up their email address. Don’t blow it.

3. Build one-on-one relationships with your customers.

Take the time to respond to all relevant customer comments. Start a conversation and get to know them on a one on one basis. This requires time but builds tremendous loyalty to a brand.

Twitter is a better platform for reaching out to your customers individually, but Facebook still works for this.

Figure out your perfect customer and then pay to get their attention. Once they follow your brand, make sure you post quality content that adds value. Once in a while, sponsor content that has the functionality to capture emails. Email marketing is powerful and it makes sense for many businesses to use it (but that’s a topic for another day).

Rinse and repeat that cycle so your email list grows and your Facebook is filled with your perfect demographic of customers.

It’s not the quantity of followers your page has, it’s about the quality.

Need help building a quality Facebook fan base? No problem. Let’s talk.


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