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AdShark Marketing was launched in 2013 with a vision of being the most client-focused agency of all time. Seven years later, that vision remains intact and we need talented individuals to help keep it going.

We recognize that job descriptions can get a bit mundane. So, we thought it was important to let you know that the right people can create their own opportunities at our growing agency! Read below to learn more.

Who We Need

We look for individuals that are driven by data over opinions, inspired to do what's best for others over what's best for themselves, and (most importantly) are looking to grow. Hopefully, that's YOU.

Attributes of Great Hires

  • Great interpersonal communication skills (both written and verbal!)
  • Self-motivated and growth-oriented
  • Passionate about digital marketing, web, and advertising work
  • Interested in having a voice in company matters
  • Intelligent, yet still eager to learn more
  • Analytical (data-driven) and creative (solving problems)
  • Positive attitude
  • Okay being photographed for social media purposes (half joking, half serious)
  • Also, likes to joke. And be serious.
  • Eager for a change of pace with an exciting, growing company!

Needs You Can Fill

  • Help us become the best place to work in North Dakota
  • Drive our presence in the local, regional, and national market
  • Grow our digital ad, web, or SEO business verticals
  • Conduct excellent marketing work on behalf of our 60+ clients
  • Wear many hats (every day is different at AdShark!)
  • Create an impact in our community initiatives
  • Develop new ideas for revenue creation

How To Apply

How do you apply for a position that technically doesn't yet exist? Well... let us tell you.

First, you fill out the form below or send your resume and note of interest to Tell us about yourself, your skills, experience and why we need you.

Next, we'll review your resume and set up a phone call with you to learn more.

AdShark Marketing is an equal opportunity employer.



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