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chatgpt for blog writing

Should You Use ChatGPT To Write Your Company Blogs?

In an era of rapid technological advancements, businesses are continually seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations and boost productivity. One such innovation is the emergence of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT,…

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employee advocacy in ads

How to Get Your Employees Involved in Your Brand Advertising Efforts

Running your company’s digital marketing efforts is no small task. With the growing complexities of advertising channels, the decline of organic reach, and the battle to find original content: it can be…

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free resources for digital marketers

11 Free Resources for Digital Marketers

Until I worked in a role involving digital marketing, I knew little-to-nothing about digital marketing. With the ever changing nature of PPC, social media advertising, SEO, and web design, it can feel…

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fourth of july ads

The Top 4 Fourth of July Ads of All-Time

‘Tis the season of the stars, stripes, and digital ad swipes. For many of us, the Fourth of July signifies a time to appreciate our freedom and enjoy some relaxation. For some…

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blog about blogging

A Blog About Blogging: 4 Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing

This blog is going to be about blogs. To make it even more meta, we may talk about Meta, a place for you to share your blogs. If you feel like your…

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snapchat ads strategy

How to Effectively Run Snapchat Ads for Your Business

I started a Snapchat account in 2012 and was convinced that it would only last a month. The concept was unique. Sending pictures that would be automatically deleted after 10 seconds? As…

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pinterest advertising

Pinterest Advertising 101: How to Turn Pinned Ads into Business Growth

In 2015, I graduated from college and moved into an apartment. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have mom’s cooking or cafeteria food to rely upon for sustenance. Though…

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