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Ultimate Guide to Adwords Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad Extensions: A Brief Guide For Each Extension

Google ad extensions are AdWords features that allow you to add relevant information, links, and conversion points to your advertisements. Ad extensions can easily be dismissed as something extra that you tack…

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A blue graphic with three shoe icons and the text caption, "Ad Group Negative Keywords: Increasing Your Efficiency with Google AdWords."

Ad Group Negative Keywords: Increasing Your Efficiency with Google Ads

When digital marketers build out campaigns, it’s easy for them to miss the small but important details. Most think because they’ve looked through the search terms and posted Campaign Level negatives, they’re…

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Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Ads Quality Score: How Can My Company Improve It? – Ask the Sharks

Quality score is an important factor you need to keep in mind when running your AdWords account. Here are two good ways to improve your quality score: 1.) Keyword Grouping You want…

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A graphic with the google plus logo in the background with the text ncaption 'Understanding AdWords Campaign Settings."

Understanding AdWords Campaign Settings

In Google AdWords, a campaign manager is presented with many options when fine-tuning the settings of the campaigns. In this post, we’ll look at the many options as well as the benefits…

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a graphic with the images of two computers holding hands and with the text caption, "PPC & Web Design- Going hand in hand to generate revenue."

PPC And Web Design – Going Hand In Hand To Generate Revenue

Before implementing any PPC campaign, it is important to have a web design that funnels users toward a specific goal otherwise it can be highly difficult to measure results. Whether you want…

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Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are often compared and have some of the most robust advertising features available in digital marketing.  In this post we’ll take a look at some of the…

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A graphic with the logos of Google AdWords and Yahoo Gemini with the text caption, "Google AdWords vs. Yahoo! Gemini."

Google AdWords vs. Yahoo Gemini

When Yahoo Gemini launched in early 2014, it set out to be the premier marketplace for both mobile search and native advertising. Though it is not near as robust as Google AdWords,…

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Graphic with a science labatory with the text caption, "Keyword Research: Best Tools and Processes."

Keyword Research – Best Tools And Processes

Keyword research is important to the foundation for building a successful Adwords campaign. By proactively researching what terms will work best with your PPC advertising strategy and assess your competition, you can…

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Bing Ads Updates October 2016

Bing Ads Updates October 2016

Bing Ads has rolled out some new features this month, read a recap of each of the changes below! Rolling out Bing expanded text ads Bing Ads publicly rolled out their expanded…

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A graphic with a mobile cell phone device that reads ,"Expanded Text Ads."

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads Are Now Live

After their first announcement from the Google Performance Summit earlier this year, Google has officially launched their expanded text ad format which will start being displayed tomorrow, Tuesday, July 27th.  Here is…

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