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4 Reasons Why All Companies Should Embrace Digital…Before It’s Too Late

The most obvious answer is: 1. It’s Where Your Customers Are: 3.2 billion people use the internet 2.19 billion active Facebook users 800 million active Instagram users 1.5 billion Youtubers 1.1 billion…

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A blue graphic with different voice search products with the text caption, "The Impact of Voice Search on SEO."

The Impact of Voice Search on SEO

The impact of voice search on SEO is becoming more real as voice search is steadily growing in the search market. Discover how voice search is changing SEO strategy and how it…

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Google Fred Update Guide

Google’s Fred Update: What Your Business Needs To Know

When Google releases an update to their search algorithm it impacts search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that impacts everyone and keeps the SEO community, along with webmasters and web owners, on their…

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A blue background graphic with the text caption, "Google AMP: Everything you need to know about."

Google AMP For Mobile – Everything You Need to Know

What is Google AMP? In April 2016, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages or “AMP” that is intended to increase the speed time for loading mobile pages based on a new language library…

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The Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews

How To Get More Online Google Reviews – The Ultimate Guide

Online reviews can be incredibly important especially when it comes to Google reviews. Not only get more positive reviews impact local SEO but it also acts as a positive social proof for…

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A blue background graphic with a possum hanging from a tree with the text caption , "Google's Possum Update- The 5 Major Changes to Local SEO."

Google’s Possum Update – 5 Major Changes to Local SEO

Did you recently notice a change in your rankings of the local search results for your business or company?  If so, you were not alone, as everyone was affected by the latest…

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What Will Penguin 4.0 Mean for SEOs and Website Owners

What Will Penguin 4.0 Mean for SEOs and Website Owners?

Whether SEOs and website owners will benefit from the upcoming Penguin 4.0 update really depends on the type of link building techniques they’ve used! In other words, those who do utilize black-hat…

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