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A graphic with a mobile cell phone and the text caption, "Google's Mobilegeddon: Will It Hurt My Business?"

Google’s Mobilegeddon: Will It Hurt My Businesses?

Businesses have less than 30 days until the bomb termed “Mobilegeddon” drops onto search results. That’s not just hyperbole —it will be the biggest algorithm update Google has released in years. According to Google,…

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Efficiently Generating Online Local Business Reviews

Efficiently Generating Online Local Business Reviews

Generating positive online reviews is a task most business owners believe is out of their control.  I’m here to say it IS in your control.  It takes a little hard work and…

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A image with metrics in the background with a text caption that says 'Using Competitors For Digital Insights.'

Using Competitors For Digital Insights

Do you know what your competitors are doing online? Would you like to find out? By using a competitive research tool, SEMrush, we can see what our clients’ competitors are doing in online advertising….

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A graphic with two computer icons and the text caption, "Website Migration: Technical SEO Case Study."

Website Migration Technical SEO Case Study

I thought it would be useful to point out an example of the importance of technical SEO, especially when migrating to a new website or platform. It’s common to rush a new website…

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A green graphic with the text, "Understanding Local Business Data."

Understanding Local Business Data

Local online visibility is as important as ever moving into 2014. Being able to quickly search, find and contact local businesses is extremely important, so we’re going to run through an overview…

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