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12 BigCommerce Website Settings To Check Before Launch

BigCommerce websites need to stay ahead of their competition to stand out and cut through the noise. Experts are predicting that e-commerce retail purchases will rise from 14.1% to 22% of total…

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10 Design Tips For Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website

Fads come and go. In 2002 you were probably using a Sidekick and friending Tom on Myspace. But today, millions of people literally have the internet in the palm of their hand….

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Is Your Website Helping or Hurting Your Business?

If you’re seriously asking yourself this, the answer is probably hurting. A website is like a second storefront. For many businesses that exist solely online, it’s absolutely everything. A good website can…

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Website Design Inspiration How Can I Get Inspiration For My Website

Website Design Inspiration – How Can I Get Inspiration For My Website?

A brilliant website is crucial for your business’ success and credibility. The Internet is full of thousands of websites that serve different purposes for different people/businesses. Implementing a website design or redesign…

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Time to design and develop a new website

How Long Does It Take To Design And Develop a New Business Website? – Ask the Sharks

 Every company is different, but our average estimated timeline is around 8-10 weeks for smaller sites and 12-14 weeks for bigger sites (like e-commerce). Some big factors that alter this are client…

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a graphic with the images of two computers holding hands and with the text caption, "PPC & Web Design- Going hand in hand to generate revenue."

PPC And Web Design – Going Hand In Hand To Generate Revenue

Before implementing any PPC campaign, it is important to have a web design that funnels users toward a specific goal otherwise it can be highly difficult to measure results. Whether you want…

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A graphic with a computer, mobile device, and iPad in the background with the text caption that read, "How Your Website Is Losing You Money,"

How Your Website Is Losing You Money

As a designer, you want to make it as comfortable as possible for a user to interact with your website. There’s no denying that outdated web standards are running your websites and…

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An image with the text caption that says 'The Beginner's Guide to Designing Impressive Display Ads."

The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Impressive Display Ads

Display advertising plays a major role in the world of digital marketing. Through Google alone, there are more than 2 million websites that participate in displaying ads to potential customers. Depending on…

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5 Website Design Trends to Maximize Conversion

A well designed and easy to use website is critical if you are seeking to create conversions with your customers. Many times designers are faced with the challenge of creating a website…

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5 Reasons To Stop Relying On Stock Photos

5 Reasons To Stop Relying On Stock Photos

“Pictures are worth a 1,000 words”. Which words would you like to convey? Make them count. Don’t waste your time finding a random stock photo and use it “just because it looks…

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