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Stop Wasting Your Google Ad Budgets

Whether its lack of time or lack of knowledge, some digital marketers and even some agencies fail to get the results they expect from their Google ad campaigns. Throwing money at the situation doesn't equal more conversions.

Customized Strategies

We start by rolling up our sleeves and digging into your Google ads account structure to ensure it’s built on a profitable foundation. We then evaluate your industry and develop tailored strategies to reach your goals that can include search, shopping, display, remarketing, or youtube campaigns.


Measuring Performance

Vanity metrics don’t exist at our agency. We look at the metrics that are important to you. And we provide full transparency with a customized dashboard featuring the KPIs specific to your campaign.

Continuous Optimization

A Google Ads account that is stagnant is an account that doesn’t perform. We will never set it and forget it. Our PPC specialists review your account regularly, paying attention to metrics we know make a difference. Whether we’re A/B testing, optimizing bids or evaluating landing page performance, we make sure we are constantly improving.


Work With Our Google Ads Experts


Measurable, Fast Growth


Improved Return on Spend

Conversion Rate

Increased Conversion Rates

Google Strategies for E-commerce Clients


Google Shopping



display ads


abandoned cart

Abandoned Cart


Request a Free Proposal

Let’s start the conversation about growth. We love talking business and digital strategy. After some initial fact-finding we’ll give you a customized proposal and some great recommendations right out of the water.

  • A Proven Strategy
  • Measurable Fast Growth
  • Improved Return on Spend
  • More Website Visitors
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Better Conversion Rates

What Our Clients Say


Edie Ramstad

Weave Got Maille, Founder & Owner

“Working with AdShark started as a very small role, but after the second month I knew this was an excellent fit as I could see they were making a big impact on our sales. Now we absolutely depend on them for everything!