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Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

Google Ads Quality Score: How Can My Company Improve It? – Ask the Sharks

Quality score is an important factor you need to keep in mind when running your AdWords account. Here are two good ways to improve your quality score:

1.) Keyword Grouping

You want to have high Ad Relevance, so make sure all of the keywords in your ad group are represented by your ad. If your keywords have low ad relevance, you can break them out into their own ad groups and tailor ads specifically for them.

2.) Improve Your Landing Page

If you see ‘below average’ next to ad relevance, it’s likely because you could be sending the user to a better landing page. (Example: If your keyword is, ‘Dark Blue Dresses’, you should be sending them to a ‘Blue Dresses’ page, not just a general dresses page)

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