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#SharkSwim: July 2021 Recap

Didn’t think we’d Mako-nother one of these #SharkSwim blogs? Wrong! After enjoying our long weekend at the lake over the Fourth of July, we dove right back into the thick of it and boy, do we have plenty to share. 

Strap in because we’re back to share a recap of this month’s birthdays, company events, a creative feature, and another one of our jaw-some playlists!

Birthdays & Farewells!

hanna melting and meghan mateuszczyk adshark
From Left to Right: Hanna Melting and Meghan Mateuszczyk

This July, we had two big reasons to celebrate. On July 26th, we celebrated Digital Marketing Intern Hanna Melting’s birthday! Only a few short days later on June 30th, we said farewell to THE MEG (aka Digital Marketing Intern Meghan Mateuszcyk), whose internship at AdShark came to an end as she goes back to finish her last semester in school. 

Upon her departure from AdShark, Meghan posted in the company-wide Slack channel, “I just really like you guys. #gratitude to having had something so great that it makes it hard to say goodbye to. You guys are the best.” Thank you for all your hard work and good luck finishing college, Meghan!

AdShark Week!

adshark week poster

Unless you’ve been living under a coral reef for the past month, you probably know about our annual AdShark Week celebration that took place this July. Throughout the week, we gave away an Apple Watch, a Jaws movie set, a gift card to West Acres Mall, and a 2-night rental of a van from Vanna Vans. We’d like to offer a special shoutout to Creative Designers Izak Moleterno and Christina Knutson for turning the AdShark employees into cartoon characters and making “Shark Cards” to showcase all the things that make us unique. Be sure to check those out on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Whether you took part in our treasure hunt, won a giveaway prize, or just watched attentively to our social media content, you could probably tell that we had a lot of fun that week and we hope you all did, too!

Grill Out ‘n Chill Out!

adshark company culture

Just like some sharks can smell blood a mile away, AdSharks can smell burgers grilling from miles away, too! In fact, just last week, the AdSharks smelled burgers grilling over at Trollwood Park in North Fargo for the first annual AdShark Grill Out ‘n Chill Out. The evening consisted of delicious burgers, beer, yard games, and a highly-competitive cornhole tournament. Big congrats to Rick Berg (Co-Founder and CEO) and Nick Loock (Digital Creative Intern) on their big victory in the cornhole tournament!

ShareHouse Planting!

adshark sharehouse sponsorship

This past month, ShareHouse, Inc. in Fargo received a donation from the Fargo Parks District of some amazingly large planters to brighten up their space. Turning this gift into a friendly social media competition, ShareHouse challenged six local businesses to compete to make the best looking planter. Being the competitive sharks that we are, we had to give it our best shot. Although we didn’t take home the prize, our gardening skills are pretty unbe-reef-able, right?

ShareHouse, Inc. is a local care center that offers treatment and counseling for people struggling with chemical dependency and mental health issues. To learn more about how you can support this terrific organization, we encourage you to visit their website.

Ronald McDonald House Volunteering!

ronald mcdonald house fargo volunteering
From Left to Right: Rick Berg, Sam Carver, Justin Monroe, Whitney Jensen, Hanna Melting, Chris Jensen, Nick Due, and Aubrey Hovland

What did the shark say when they ate a clownfish? This tastes a little funny! 

Although we weren’t cooking clownfish, we sure hoped our food didn’t taste funny while we volunteered to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in West Fargo. The Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley is a local charity serving families traveling to the Fargo-Moorhead area whose children are receiving medical care at local area hospitals.

This July, we had two groups of sharks head over to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare some homemade food for the families staying there at the time. Thanks for letting us show off our fin-tastic culinary skills for your guests!

Creative Feature: The Village Family Service Center!

village family service center employment ad

Why didn’t the shark want to fight the octopus? Because the octopus was well armed!

Just like the octopus, AdShark Marketing is well armed with talented creative folks! This month’s creative feature highlights the amazing skills of one of our Digital Creative Designers, Izak Moleterno, and our Copywriter, Eric Anderson. Utilizing Izak’s skills as an illustrator and Eric’s skills as a copywriter, this ad depicts something akin to a Pixar movie scene of a counseling session that invites potential counselors to apply for a position at The Village Family Service Center while staying on-brand. 

About writing the copy for ad, Eric says, 

“We knew this ad had to stand out from the pack — especially in today’s competitive hiring environment. Plus, The Village was looking to attract only highly-qualified mental health professionals. 

We did this in two ways: First, highlight that The Village is one of the region’s leading mental health centers. Second, position the Village as a family environment where you can make a significant impact in your community.“

Eric Anderson, Copywriter

Thanks, Eric! We love learning about our creative team’s processes when developing clever, yet challenging ads.

The ‘Shark Wave’ Channel for July 2021

Have you been wondering what all this haze is about in Fargo? Well, chances are it’s the smoke from this fiery hot playlist we’re throwing at you! Whether you want to impress your friends and family with some oddly mixed music or scare off a first date with some of Chris Jensen’s angry music, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out AdShark’s July 2021 Shark Wave Playlist to keep up-to-date with our latest vibes.

Look at that, it’s already August! We can’t wait to tell you about all the amazing things we have planned for the rest of summer, but that’s for another #SharkSwim blog. Remember to give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Thanks for reading about the goings-on at our fin-tastic company and if you feel so inclined to join us, be sure to check out our careers page to join the sharks! See ya!


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