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Midwest Mobile Summit Conference: A Look Inside 

This past week Adshark Marketing had the opportunity to work with the Midwest Mobile Summit as a bronze sponsor. I had the chance to attend the two-day summit and learned a great deal about mobile strategy, technology, and design. The summit took place in downtown Fargo between the Fargo Theater, Ecce Art + Yoga, and Studio 222 and featured a variety of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. I come from a strong project management background in the digital space, so I tended to lean towards the strategy and client management discussions.


One of the speakers who resonated with me the most was Clayton Black from Target, who discussed “What I Wish I Would Have Known: Building a Mobile Development Ecosystem.” He explored how Target has worked to create a team that flows well together and meets deadlines. His talk was particularly interesting to me because I am always working on learning how to better connect with the different types of people I may be project managing in the future.

Target’s team atmosphere focuses on community and trust. One line Clayton said, “Everyone gets a voice, but there has to be somebody who makes a choice,” speaks a lot to project management. Sometimes it can be difficult to give everyone equal say in a project, but as long as everyone has the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns and as long as the choices made in the project reflect those needs, then the team will maintain a good dynamic.


The second day of the summit was filled with technology-heavy talks, many of which related to e-commerce. In particular, we had the opportunity to learn a bit about Peri, a mobile shopping project from U.S. Bank.

U.S. Bank – Peri App from Mojo Solo on Vimeo.

The Peri app allows users to simply point-and-shoot at objects they want to buy. This opens up a whole new door for the future of m-commerce. Later, representatives from the GSMA discussed how security plays into users’ trust in e-commerce and proposed some possible solutions for building that trust. Then, after we were serenaded by the local Kringen Accordion Band (which was a great hit at the party), I heard from Here. Here is working on a mapping app that will show users locations of stores inside buildings, such as malls and airports. They also discussed the possibility of push notifications within their app, which seems to lend itself well to m-commerce.

Overall the conference was great. Personally, I had a great time learning about the lives of mobile developers.  We had the chance to peek at upcoming technology and see what the future of e-commerce may hold. Adshark Marketing was so glad that we got to be a part of such a great event. Here’s to another great one next year!

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