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The Next Year of Paid Social Advertising - 2015

The Next Year of Paid Social Advertising – 2015

Now that the holidays have ended, savvy marketers are looking to the new year to see what the marketing trends will be, including the trends in paid social advertising.  Considering that 74% of internet users use social networking sites, it would be unwise to ignore emerging trends in social media internet marketing.

Savvy internet marketers

Already, these savvy internet marketers are allocating more of their marketing dollars to paid social. According to the “State of Marketing” report done by Salesforce at the end of last year, 70% of those surveyed plan to increase their social media advertising. On top of that, 38% of these marketers plan on moving money away from traditional media to spend more on digital advertising.

Why are marketers spending more on digital in 2015?

So, why are these marketers so excited about the upcoming year’s social media trends? In the first week of January 2015, Pew Research released its “Social Media Update” based on data gathered from social media sites from 2012 to 2014. Some interesting information emerges for marketers looking for which social sites they want to spend their advertising dollars on.

Across the board, users have continued to increase in the top 5 platforms. What is interesting is that although Facebook user growth has slowed, the user engagement has increased and for the first time, over half of internet-using adults 65 or older are using Facebook.

Paid Social Advertising Social Media Use 2012 to 2014

Other interesting data emerges as we compare Facebook to its competition. 52% of online adults use more than one social media site, with Facebook acting as a “home base.” A major shift in social media usage occurred late 2014 when Instagram surpassed Twitter in users with 300 million compared to Twitter’s 284 million in mid-December.

Paid Social Advertising Frequency-of-Social-Use

What to make of all these social media statistics

For those who are scared of numbers, here’s the breakdown of why social media advertising dollars are important. With each platform’s distinct user makeup, brands are able to utilize a combination of social media ads and search engine marketing platforms such as Google Adwords to tailor to their target audience and drive traffic and e-commerce conversions on their website.  As social media usage is only expected to grow, it would be unwise to ignore the 71% of social media users who could be potential customers.

In addition

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