Paid Social Advertising

Increase sales and brand awareness through highly targeted social ads


Why You Need Paid Social

With over 2 billion active users, social media sites like Facebook have become a powerful force in the advertising world.  They have become very efficient at collecting user data which allow advertisers to precisely hone in on your target market.  We've seen tremendous success and generating business growth for our clients and see paid social as a must-have for almost any business in today's world.


Paid Social Platforms

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What is Paid Social

Paid social is process of paying social media sites to promote your content to a specific user base. Unlike search advertising where you target by keywords, paid social ads are targeted based on specific audience demographics.  These can include geography, interests, behaviors, and many specific attributes that social media sites collect on their users.  While paid social can be very effective for generating sales or leads it is also very useful for generating initial awareness.

Not Your Average Agency

Paid social can be great for gaining exposure to your target market. We have extensive experience successfully using targeted paid social ads to both generate sales and awareness.


Dedicated Managers

Running a successful Paid Social campaign means frequently analyzing data and making changes to optimize ROI. We dedicate managers to each client’s campaigns in order to make sure ads are running effectively and exceeding expectations.


Strong Focus On ROI

We make it a priority to show our clients the benefits of running a Paid Social advertising campaign. We focus on generating revenues that will impress, no matter the size of the budget.


Invested In Client Success

Our approach is unique in that we want to help our clients achieve long-term success. We aim to help grow our clients' businesses by truly caring about what they do.

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