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Images of Twitter and Facebook logo with the text caption of 'Twitter & Facebook are a recruiter's dream.'

Twitter & Facebook Are A Recruiters Dream

Facebook and Twitter haven’t just made it easier to connect, they’ve made it easier to recruit qualified people for your business.

Facebook and Twitters advanced targeting options make it so only qualified individuals (your target candidates) see your advertising. When they click on the ad, they’re brought to your careers page for a job specifically targeted toward them.

Even better, it’s inexpensive and track-able without being time-consuming.

Recruiting Using Facebook

In this example ad, my targeting is aimed towards potential developers for Android apps.

The only people who will see my ad are those who are pre-qualified to become a new hire.

My location targeting is 25 miles around San Francisco.

Age: 21-45.

Interest targeting is related to things a mobile app developer may like. This way we aren’t targeting operations people, or HR people, but only those interested in making mobile apps.

Education targeting: either in college or a college graduate.

Employer targeting is where it gets sneaky when using Facebook as a recruiting tool. In my example, the only people who see the ads are those working at Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Once the targeting is complete, you set your budget. You’ll only incur cost when someone clicks on your ad. $10/day should be fine for most recruiting needs.

Recruiting on Twitter

The targeting options on Twitter aren’t as precise as Facebook when it comes to recruiting, but are still effective.

Recruiting on Twitter is more about knowing what the potential candidate is talking about, what television shows they watch, their interests, and who they’re talking to.

I prefer to advertise based on hashtags and keywords. I have a pretty good understanding of the type of person who’ll use the hashtag “#SEO.”

In my example targeting, I am looking for an internet marketing specialist. When I use keywords related to internet marketing, only those talking about internet marketing within my geographical targeting would be served my ad.

Twitter is not as restrictive as Facebook in terms of what the ad has to look like. Above is an example of a promoted tweet that would be used for recruiting.

Both Facebook and Twitter have analytics platforms to measure the amount of engagement your ads are receiving. With that information you can optimize targeting, ad copy, and other factors to constantly improve your recruiting ads.

It’s time to recruit for the year we live in. Target your perfect employee and grow your business. What are you waiting for?

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