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Performance-Driven Marketing

Our Story

Growing your business is our business. We’re a group of hungry performance-driven marketers that focus on driving sales and leads for your business. We're good at what we do and always put our clients first while we aim to add massive value by driving growth.

Some companies have nerds, some have geeks, and some have ninjas but we have AdSharks.

We promise nothing less than extraordinary.

Our Team

We are a talented group of fast-moving performance marketers that love what we do.

Rick Berg

CEO | Co-Founder

Sean Maki

President | Co-Founder

Mike Mulvaney

Manager of Web Services

Whitney Jensen

Digital Marketing Manager

Tim Gullekson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Chris Jensen

Digital Marketing Strategist

Nick Due

Creative Manager

Andrew Huber

Digital Marketing Strategist

Aubrey Hovland

Digital Marketing Strategist

Kelsey Schmaltz

Digital Creative Designer

Theresa Kjelgaard

Content Marketing & Brand Manager

Azam Muhammad

Digital Marketing Intern

Eric Anderson

Creative Content Strategist

Christina Knutson

Digital Creative Designer

Samantha Carver

Digital Creative Designer

Core Values

Clients First

We have a clients first philosophy and ensure that our goals are strategically aligned with our clients'. Every decision we make, we think about the client first and make sure it's in their best interest.


We exist to drive results and growth for our clients.  If we can't produce a return on their investment then why should they hire us in the first place?

Creatively Innovate

We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and new innovations especially when it comes to marketing.  We're never satisfied with the status quo or 'good enough' and always push for continuous improvement.

Pursue Growth

In the digital marketing world, things change rapidly. For us, it's imperative to constantly push ourselves to learn and be on top of any new developments. We also encourage and support our team members to pursue professional and personal growth.

Have Fun

Who wants a job they don't enjoy? We make it a priority to ensure our team members LOVE coming to work. This is why our team is passionate about helping and making a difference for our clients. And trust us, those are fun things to do!

What is an AdShark?

Great question, we'll spell it out for you Webster style.


noun, plural Ad•Sharks. (capital "A" and "S")

1. A person highly skilled at internet marketing or online advertising.
2. A highly effective digital marketing agency


Join Our Team

Adshark offers a variety of perks to create a great culture and team environment. These perks include the following: profit sharing, flexible schedule, healthcare, dental, 401k, and free drinks.

Sales - Account Executive

Help us find more businesses that need our us!

Digital Marketing Strategist

Are you an experienced PPC marketer? Join our team and help make an impact for client's.

Digital Marketing Intern

Work with the best to learn and grow with our team.

Website Developer

Help us create conversion focused eCommerce and lead generation websites that help our clients grow.

Don't see your position?

We are always looking for talented people! Send us a resume to