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Facebook Advertising: When To Refresh Creative

Facebook is one of my favorite advertising platforms. The amount of targeting data and the ease of setting up campaigns make it a favorite among many advertisers.After launching dozens of campaigns on the platform I’ve noticed a trend. The size of your targeting group will determine how often you need to refresh creative.

Target group size and frequency determine when creative gets refreshed

One of the most common goals of Facebook advertising is the “clicks to website” campaign. The user enjoys your ad, clicks on it, and is directed to a landing page on your website.The effectiveness of this campaign is directly correlated to frequency. Frequency is a number of times your ad has been seen by the average user within your targeting.Most of these campaigns have similar trajectories. They start out doing well, but as frequency climbs, clicks to your website go down and your average cost-per-click goes up.

How high should frequency be before I change creative?

Like many things in life, it depends. There’s no “one size fits all” answer to when creative should be refreshed. You’ll notice clicks to website fall off significantly and level out at 25% of peak performance (roughly).

This will happen more quickly if your targeting group is smaller.

Daily budget considerations and time

Let’s assume you have a target group of 5,000 people and you plan to run a campaign for three months. You set the daily budget to $5/day. You’ll want to refresh creative about once a month because it will take longer to reach a high frequency with a small daily budget.If you set the daily budget to $10/day, you’ll want to refresh the creative bi-weekly because your frequency will rise faster.


unchanged creative

change creative

changed creative

Best practices for Facebook click to website campaigns

• If you have a large targeting group (100,000), split test creative. Once you gain statistical significance, take the creative that performed best and allocate the lion’s share of budget to that.

• If you have a small targeting group (10,000) and the campaign will run for a few months, have refreshed creative ready and waiting to be launched. Depending on daily budget, you’ll need to refresh creative relatively soon.

Remember that creative gets stale quickly on Facebook. It needs to be changed periodically to get optimal results from a Facebook clicks to website campaign.

Your campaign may perform okay without refreshing creative once frequency gets to a certain point, but “okay” is far from optimal.

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