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Meet Christina, Our New Graphic Design Intern

Christina Knutson is the newest addition to the AdShark crew. She joins the creative team as Graphic Design Intern. Christina recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Concordia College.

I asked Christina where she’s from and her reply was, “A really small town in super northern Minnesota.” So that means she can’t remember or she’s part of the witness protection program, either way, it didn’t really answer my question. (I see politics in her future.) But, to her credit, she is a Vikings fan.

In Christina’s new role, she is learning the ropes of designing at a digital marketing agency. She will help the creative team with client and internal creative projects.

We’re excited to have Christina a part of our crew! I asked her a few questions to get to know her.

Tell Us About Your Family

I have two older brothers, two younger step-sisters, loving parents, an awesome step-mom, a sister-in-law, and my grandma (AKA my BFF). ❤️

Do you have a childhood nickname you’d like to share?

Not really. I remember for volleyball in like 7th grade I was called Tiny because I was so short, but that’s pretty much it.

What’s your favorite book and/or movie?

My favorite movie is A Cinderella Story (the one with Hilary Duff). Honorable mention goes to Matilda.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

I have a weird obsession with music videos, so I spend way too much time watching them on Youtube. I’m also a big fan of Netflix documentaries.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to paint, visit breweries, watch the Vikings’ games on Sundays, and hang out with my pets!!!

Tell us one random fact about you.

I never have eaten a popsicle and I probably never will.

What are three things left on your bucket list?

  • Travel the UK
  • Foster dogs
  • Meet Elton John

What’s your favorite type of shark?

A Thresher Shark! (Her and Aubrey can meme together with Thresher Sharks!)

What’s your favorite aspect of graphic design?

Typography! I love learning about the history of different fonts and the impact they can have on popular media.

Why are you excited to join AdShark Marketing as a Graphic Design Intern?

I am so excited to learn everything I can from all of the insanely talented people at AdShark!! 


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Interested in expert help growing your business? Let's Talk!

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