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Aubrey Hovland - AdShark Digital Marketing

Shark Tales: Aubrey Hovland’s Hiring Story

Like most businesses, AdShark is currently looking to recruit great talent to join our team. Instead of hearing our leadership team talk about how awesome our work environment is, we wanted to involve our employees in the process. Shark Tales is a series we’ll be starting where we shine the light on each employees hiring experience. We won’t be pulling any punches or fabricating any details. We’re sitting with real employees to hear real feedback about how their work experience has been really, really great. (Or, so we hope!).

The first employee that we sat with was Aubrey Hovland. I know how you think that name should be pronounced, but there’s a good chance that you’re incorrect. Her name is pronounced AWB-RAY HUV-LIND. The unique pronunciation of her name is far from the most original thing you’ll find out about Aubrey though.

She began her love for marketing at the University of North Dakota, a school she attended on a track scholarship. Aubrey grew up in Rugby North Dakota and graduated high school in 2013. She was recruited by UND for high jump, and graduated with a double major in Marketing and Management and a minor in International Business. She credits her knowledgeable professors for sparking her passion in marketing, and we’re sure grateful for them too! Aubrey has been a beloved member of our PPC/Digital Marketing team for almost three years, and continues to amaze us with her talent & quick-witted sense of humor.

But enough of my droning on. Let’s hear directly from Aubrey about her experience:

Q: How did you first find out about AdShark, and what was your initial impression?

I had graduated from college and was looking to start my career in the marketing field. I was on Indeed and noticed AdShark had a PPC internship position open which was something I really wanted to apply for, because I found the digital marketing field so interesting. I went to their website and read through their pages and immediately really liked the company. AdShark seemed like a really laidback and fun place to work, but also really knowledgeable about the digital marketing field.

Q: Describe what your experience was like getting hired at AdShark. What drew you to accepting the offer?

I interviewed and felt it had gone really well and that I would be a good fit for the company, even though I didn’t have a whole lot of career experience in the marketing field. I was so excited when I was told I got the internship position because AdShark seemed so knowledgeable and I knew that they would give me great insight into the digital marketing world. When I started, everyone was so friendly and willing to help me out with any questions I had, so it made it really easy to learn quickly.

Q: Since you’ve been hired, how have you grown professionally and personally?

Thanks to the growth opportunities at AdShark, I’ve felt like I’ve grown in more ways than I can count. Not only have I grown in the digital marketing field, but I’ve also grown overall as a marketer. AdShark takes into account overall marketing strategy, not just what affects the digital side. I’ve grown more and more independent in my role because AdShark continues to teach me new things and give me the tools so I can better troubleshoot and handle problems on my own. One thing I wasn’t expecting from the role was my growth in communication and handling client relationships. I also feel that this role has taught me to be really flexible and to always have an openness to learning because digital marketing is constantly changing.

Q: Talk about your favorite memory from your time at AdShark. What made it so special?

My favorite memory was being offered a full-time position after my internship. I really enjoyed my internship and the knowledge I was gaining. I especially loved the culture as well as the people I worked with, so I really wanted to start my career here. I felt I had so much more to learn and improve on and AdShark would be a great place to continue that.

Q: What’s the ONE piece of advice that you’d give somebody who is considering working for AdShark?

Apply even if you don’t have digital marketing experience! I came to AdShark with no digital experience, but I was very confident in my overall marketing knowledge and knew that I’d be able to learn the digital side of things. Digital marketing requires you to be able to develop an overall marketing strategy and understand customer journeys. Bring your marketing knowledge and a willingness to learn 🙂

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Want to work with Aubrey?

We wouldn’t blame you. We’re currently looking for new members to join our digital marketing team! Visit our Careers Page to check out current opportunities, or feel free to to just submit a resume and we may be able to create a unique role for your skillset. We’d be excited to have you join our team of Sharks!


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