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Google AdWords vs. Bing Ads

What’s the difference between the two giants in search advertising? They both provide the same service yet there are several key differences between the two. The Strengths of Google AdWords When people…

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Dynamic Search Ads A Case Study

Dynamic Search Ads: A Case Study

Do you have gaps in your keyword targeting? How would you even know if you have gaps in your keywords? This is an area of PPC that is difficult to fully account…

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A graphic with a blue graphic and a search engine bar; with the caption, "Search Advertising: The Simple & Powerful Premise."

Search Advertising: The Simple & Powerful Premise

When is the best time for your business to present itself to potential customers? Is it on the radio while people mindlessly drive down the street? Is it on television while they’re watching…

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Green graphic with the text caption "Diving Into Dimensions in AdWords."

Diving into Dimensions in AdWords

Fundamental to any solid marketing strategy is understanding your customer base. In the world of analytics, this essentially boils down to the conclusions you can draw from the data. Having the right…

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RSLA Sales Funnel Strategy

RLSA Sales Funnel Strategy

If you haven’t realized it already, remarketing is a powerful approach to keep you at the top of mind with potential customers.  There are various ways to incorporate remarketing into your campaigns. Remarketing…

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Keyword Destination URLS

Keyword Destination URL Strategy

Have you ever wished your ads could more accurately target users’ exact search queries?  Are you looking to sell dozens or hundreds of products but realize how impractical it would be to…

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an image with the picture of a computer moose that has the text caption 'Creating an online marketing strategy."

Creating An Online Marketing Strategy

How does a marketing agency create an online marketing strategy? Where does one begin? With all of the different platforms like Adroll, Twitter, Adwords, Facebook, and Youtube, and all the different strategies…

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When to Use Mobile Bid Modifiers

When To Use Mobile Bid Modifiers

Mobile bid modifiers are one of the many advertising options in search advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads. With the rise of mobile search, mobile bid modifiers have become…

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A graphic with the google plus logo and the text captions says "Google AdWords: Getting Account Structure Right."

Google AdWords: Getting Account Structure Right

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms for inbound marketing. Google is the world’s largest search engine in terms of traffic. When someone is searching for products or services you offer,…

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A image with metrics in the background with a text caption that says 'Using Competitors For Digital Insights.'

Using Competitors For Digital Insights

Do you know what your competitors are doing online? Would you like to find out? By using a competitive research tool, SEMrush, we can see what our clients’ competitors are doing in online advertising….

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